Since retirement, my passionate purpose in life has been to 'spread the word' about this
unbelievably incredible, safe journey. As a life long boater and one who has sailed all over
the world, this voyage - the one right here in our own backyard - has proven time and
again to be not only the safest, but the most amazing.
  For sure, I've discovered some of the most beautiful awe inspiring destinations in the  
world are right here in North America. I also discovered myself. You too, will find
yourself on this  life changing journey.
  At sometime along your way, I guarantee that you will have a truly "American"
experience. It will happen as soon as you realize the value and importance of your
freedom. It is not just the freedom to make this voyage, it is the freedom you've taken for
granted most of your life. We live in a fabulous country and its history and legacy is laid
out before you as you make this voyage.
  From Fort to Fortress and historic 1770's Maritime buildings, museums and waterfront
walks from Annapolis to the St. Louis Gateway Arch, our founding fathers and pioneers
will prove to you again, their bravery, fortitude and perseverance.
  When you cruise right beside the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and West Point one
can't help but feel proud and thankful.
  This is your opportunity to explore the lands of Lincoln, Franklin, Roosevelt, and visit
the estates of Henry Hudson, the Vanderbilt's, Mills, Morgan's, and Clermont.
  Clermont is the estate of Robert Livingston, one of the five men who authored the
Declaration of Independence. He swore in George Washington as President, and financed
Robt. Fulton's Steamboat "the Clermont". You will travel the same journey as this first
steamboat on its first voyage up the Hudson River.
The Great Loop Adventure
       Feel like an Explorer?  Well, you should. America's Great Loop
is an exploration 1,500 miles longer than the Nile. Very few have ever
made such an epic adventure.
  The Great Loop connects you with 29,000 miles of navigable
inland waterways - which, if you traveled it all - would be the same
official qualifying distance for circumnavigating the Globe.
  You will travel up the same waters that Henry Hudson discovered
in the 1600's. You will navigate the Mississippi where Lewis & Clark
began their "Corps of Discovery" expedition in 1801.
  From the City of St. Augustine, FL, the oldest city in America,
founded by the Spanish in 1565, the “American Frontier,” began with
European settlements on the Atlantic coast and spread east to the
Mississippi river. This is America's history. From one end to the
other, you will experience the English, French, Spanish and Dutch
influence in the regional foods you eat and in the homes and
businesses they built - from Florida to Canada and through the Great
Lakes and down the inland rivers - you will travel by the homes of
people like Ben Franklin, George Washington and Daniel Boone.
It is as amazingly safe - as it is amazing!
For every New York City, Chicago or Montreal and Quebec, there are hundreds
of small towns and quaint villages where great people have made a wonderful life.
These are the hidden gems - where you will make your favorite Great Loop memories!
- Capt. John
© 2017
America's Great Loop
You don't just cruise it. . . You live it!