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When all your adventure and discover comes to a close at the end of your
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And know yourself for the very first time.
- Capt. John
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 I'm certainly no photographer, but when you take 23 years
worth of pictures with a stupid button on a fool proof digital
camera - now and then one of them turns out like you wanted.
 I can't help but thank the 'Geeks' for the invention and
development of the 'digital' camera. Hate to imagine how many
rolls of film I would have wasted just trying to get a snap shot
of that Dolphin swimming along beside my boat.
    You will enjoy your digital camera on this voyage. You will
also appreciate being able to send pics instantly to friends &
family as well as post them on your Facebook Page.
Don't miss the Great Loop Pics below!
Near Murrells Inlet on the Atlantic ICW
Cruising through North Carolina's Salt Grass Marshes on the Atlantic ICW
Canada's North Bay
Cruising Canada is World Class cruising!
Unless you choose to be. . .
You will never be alone cruising the Great Loop by the recommended counter-clockwise
direction and taking your time in each geographic area's preferred weather/boating season.
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