Grand Hotel on America's Great Loop
America's Great Loop
You don't just cruise it. . . You live it!
Discovering America's Great Loop
Longer than the longest river
in the World. . .
America's Great Loop
(on average) is a 6,100 mile
voyage around the most scenic,
historic, legendary and popular
destinations in North America.

It is a safe, protected inland  journey
any 'safe boater' can make in a safe
suitable boat.
   From Miami in the south to Mackinac Island in the north, you can take your own boat as
close to the Tropics of the Equator as you can the Arctic Circle. You can cruise from the
Outer Banks on the East Coast to St. Louis on the Mississippi River  -  and you can do it ALL
without ever facing the perils of a wide open sea!
  From inviting shorelines, quaint seafaring towns and savory seafood, you will cruise
through unspoiled unforgettable landscapes, seascapes and mountainscapes on this - your
ultimate escape from the ordinary.
The Great Loop will take you in your
own boat through 20 U.S. States (or
more) and 2 Provinces of Canada. All
together, it is the safest most amazing
long distance voyage on the planet.  
Capt John cruising America's Great Loop
   Hello and Welcome! My name is John, and I want to introduce you to America's Great Loop. It
is an amazing adventure, an epic journey of discovery and a totally incredible "American"  
  I just celebrated my 70th birthday on my 8th voyage around America's Great Loop. That alone
should tell you how easy & safe this journey is. At my age, I'm certainly not a risk taker! This is a
wonderful voyage any 'safe boater' in a safe suitable boat can make. In fact, our records indicate
over 600 boaters a year are making this voyage and a fast growing number of them are making it
twice - simply because there is so much to see and do. . . "Once Around Is Not Enough".
        America's Great Loop is an epic voyage worthy of your epic
 It is easily attainable and can be extremely affordable. It is certainly incredible! You do
not need a P.H.D., level of education in seamanship, navigation and weather forecasting to make this
journey safely. You simply need to be a safe boater in a safe suitable boat.
      Sadly, I've met far too many boaters that dream of this voyage, but simply don't have the
confidence. They are under the belief they lack the skills, education or experience. . . How terribly
sad that is, when in fact, this is as amazingly safe as it is an amazing adventure.
      I promise, long before you've completed this voyage, you will think to yourself: "What in the
world was I so anxious and worried about in the beginning?" It happens to all of us! How incredible it
is that our minds can imagine this voyage as a ferocious "Big Bad Wolf" when in fact it is a sweet and
lovable puppy.
      So, if my cruising the Great Loop at 70 years of age doesn't convince you. . . Maybe the two 27
year old sisters that did it in an Duroboat will?  Or what about Buz Gentry who did it in a 16 foot
sailboat, or the friends that did it on a Jet Ski? Obviously, America's Great Loop is NOT that big bad
wolf some imagine it to be.
As to the myth, that one has to be rich & famous - Wow! If Capital One only knew what was in
my wallet! Eight times around and with the goal of "more fun than fuel" my most expensive voyage
around the Loop cost me near $35,000 in fuel and boat related expenses. My most "frugal" Loop cost
me $4,000. My last two voyages averaged $7,000 each in fuel and boat related expenses.
Now I know how Goldilocks must have felt. My current boat, my last two voyages. . . They
were just right!
(Just right for me anyway.)
      Those expenses were for ONLY my "boat, fuel and boat related" expenses. They did NOT
include my personal lifestyle expenses such as toiletries, laundry, food, beverages, ice, eating out,  
entertainment, rental cars, etc. or any expenses I would normally have anyway, cruising or not.    
      So my boating around America's Great Loop bottom line cost of cruising, averages out to be
pennies shy of $25.00 a day. That amount includes ALL my transportation & lodging expenses for an
entire year cruising America's Great Loop. If that's not attainable & affordable for most, I don't know
what is! As that's about 1/3 the average cost of one night in a Motel 6.

                    This is an incredibly safe, easily attainable, affordable adventure!     
Florida Keys
Port St. Lucie
Cocoa Beach
Cape Kennedy
Daytona Beach
Hilton Head
Myrtle Beach
Elizabeth City
New Bern
Virginia Beach
Washington DC
Atlantic City
New York City
East Coast
you can boat
right to:
Romancing the Rivers:
  From the extraordinarily beautiful Waccamaw River that makes up part of the Atlantic ICW, to the Illinois River where
the Bald Eagles fly, you will find the river portion of this journey, not only safe but absolutely breath taking. For sure
thoughts of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer will fill your mind as you make your way down the mighty Mississippi River.
Then there is the beautiful "Land between the Lakes" route to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Planned right, you will
reach the area known as "America's Heartland" when a kaleidoscope of brilliant Fall colors welcome you with an awe
inspiring panoramic view from the shore to the Appalachian mountain tops.
You can take the Tennessee river all the way to Chattanooga and Knoxville where a car rental is just an hour away from
Gatlinburg & the Great Smoky Mountains. The Cumberland river will take you to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry &
Country Westerns' Hall of Fame.  
Think of this voyage as a vacation!
      That is really the 'very best' way to make this journey.  Sure, it is without doubt a wonderful, exciting and simply
boating adventure. . . But, it is also so much more than a boat ride.
      If you think of this voyage more like a vacation, and plan ahead for all the more popular and interesting
'destinations' where you will want to stop and linger, it makes for an absolutely wonderful well rounded overall
      For me, it has long been my lifestyle for more than 20 years. I think of my boat as both my transportation &
lodging. It is my RV on the water. Big difference is, instead of nervously driving 75 mph down a busy highway, I'm
cruising 750 'smiles' per hour on the much less crowded and safer waterways.
      My boating philosophy is "more fun than fuel" so I cruise in the most frugal and humble of boats. I also 'eat to live'
on the boat, and 'live to eat' when ashore. As I find the many wonderful waterfront restaurants and seafaring towns
offering regional culinary delights all just too tempting to pass up.
      It also gives me the privilege of meeting many of the local natives. Funny thing about this voyage, while most don't
give it a thought when they begin this voyage; in the end, if you ask any Looper what was the most amazing? Almost
everyone will mention the friendly people they met along the way. For sure, some of the people you meet along the way
will be included in a list of your favorite memories.
      Friendly people, picturesque villages, quintessential small towns, many of them will be where you will find your
most memorable and favorite memories.  
The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island - a must stop on America's Great Loop.
I had my own boat before I had a bicycle . . .
To me, stepping into my boat, was stepping into absolute freedom!
- Capt. John
Here is one fantastic place you can only get to by boat!
      From New Orleans' French Quarter to Canada's French Quebec, one of my favorite detours is only 60
miles from Quebec City up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Saguenay River. This is Officially Rated the 5th best place on
earth to watch the Blue Whales. So popular it is, the Whale Watching Charter Companies in this area "guarantee" you will
see Whales or your money back.
  Getting there is half the fun. On this route, one might cruise along the along the beautiful Thousand Islands, and a visit
to Quebec City and Montreal will make you believe you somehow made landfall in Europe. Quebec City, split by the St.
Lawrence River is a wonderful place to visit. Old World architecture, street performers, cobblestone streets. The
European flavor of Montreal is everywhere from the street corner cafés and world famous crepes to the Notre-Dame
Basilica. From there, the most popular route will take you through Canada's Trent Severn Heritage Canal, which is in
itself a taste of World Class cruising. Just when you think you've seen all the most beautiful locations in the world, you
enter North Bay and think you've died and gone to Boater's Heaven.
  Ask me my favorite part of cruising the Great Loop and I honestly couldn't tell you I have one. I love the fishing all
around it. From the saltwater fish on the Gulf and Atlantic to the Walleye in the north, the catfish in the Mississippi to
the bass and trout on Kentucky Lake, Tennessee and Cumberland rivers. . . Then there is all the scenery all along the
way. Around every bend in the waterway, something new, something exciting. From the wild horses that come to eat
along the salt grass marshes in the Carolinas, to the Fishing Camps & shanties on the Inland rivers. In fact, you might
boat right by Brad Pitts' hideaway trout fishing cabin and the home of Reba McEntire.
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Capt John's Great Loop Map
        There are a few that cruise America's Great Loop in brand new $350,000 vessels. There are many more that
make this voyage in good used $100,000 vessels and quite a number of us that cruise it in comfortable but humble
vessels costing less than $35,000 vessels. My son and I did it one year in a $3,000 vessel - just to prove someone
could! So, the only requirement for making this voyage is that you are a "safe boater' in a safe, suitable boat". The
great news is; whether you are in a Flagship Vessel or the most Humble of boats, the choice is yours. Still however,
we all end up in the same Marinas, same Anchorages, seeing the same sights and having the same fun!  
This 'epic' of all boating adventures is 2,000 miles longer than the Nile River!